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What to do in Nida?

Our ideas and tips for what to do when you arrive in Nida. We hope you find your time interesting, useful and inspiring. Good luck!

Dead dunes

You will find these dunes in the Naglii Nature Reserve, between Pervalka and Juodkrantė. Naturally, the dunes formed by strong winds leave an unforgettable impression.

Jeane Paul Sartre

Klaudijus Pūdyma’s bronze sculpture, based on Antanas Sutkaus’s photo. This is what Sarte wrote about the landscape of Nida:

<…>Clouds under my feet for the first time<…>

Ship Raketa

With this ship you will be able to sail to Kaunas lagoon. For more information at

Nida lighthouse

The lighthouse emits a visible light signal at a distance of 42 kilometers. You can climb to its top at the daytime, a wonderful panorama will open.

For more information at

Excellent quality smoked fish in the pub, which is located only 800 m. from the guest house Vasara. You will be able to enjoy dinner with a view of the Curonian Lagoon!


Satori is the first four-legged friend to visit Nida Apartments Vasara.

We’re sharing a fun to-do list that can become a great activity for the day.

  • Jump over a sea wave.
  • See sunset on the west side or sunrise on the east side and capture it.
  • Eat a large portion of your favorite ice cream.
  • Put your little finger in the sea water.
  • Have a picnic (only in designated areas!).
  • Walk in the dunes.
  • Pet a stranger’s dog, or maybe two…
  • Catch cod or seaweed.
  • Build a sandcastle.
  • Find the biggest and most beautiful insect stuck in the amber at the Kazimierz and Virginia Mizgiris Museum.
  • After making sure that there are no people around, surrounded by nature, shout out your biggest dream or aspiration with all your lungs.